The Weight of the World program is a must-have for schools, families and community organizations seeking to educate youth on the obesity issue and to promote healthy lifestyle practices. The film is informative and motivational, outlining the causes, outcomes and possible solutions to the obesity pandemic in a manner that provokes readiness for change. The supplementary educational materials are the springboard for such change, and provide dozens of ideas on promoting favourable physical activity and nutrition beliefs and behaviours.

“If you are a parent, teacher or youth leader - inspire the children of today to create a healthy world for tomorrow - put them up to the challenge.” Carrie - Childhood Obesity Specialist, Research

“Thoroughly educational and terrifically inspiring for both staff and students. This excellent resource will be a must for years to come!” Colin - Grade 7 Teacher

With lively animation and hard-hitting science, the Weight of the World film reveals that obesity is not an individual problem, but one that requires changes in public policies and attitudes.
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The Weight of the World toolkit consists of engaging and informative resources for teachers, parents and students. Download the kit today!

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